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Even though the Alumni Band web geek is an old man (in Internet years), even he can see the value of having a way to get information out quickly.

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Homecoming 2013 Is Complete
Only the foot pain and the memories remain as we wrap up Homecoming 2013 and prepare for homecoming 2014.
Virtual Marchers who want to support our scholarship programs can still register through November 1 after logging in.
Mark your calendars from next year's Homecoming, the weekend of October 24-25, 2014 as our Tigers take on Vanderbilt..

Friday Night Get-Together
Friday night, Marching Mizzou Alumni Band has reserved a room at Shakespeare's Pizza South near Rock Bridge High School. (3911 Peachtree Drive,on the west side of Providence Road on the south side of Nifong Boulevard)
It's a casual time for folks to stop by and visit at the start of a hectic weekend for Alumni Band. No reservations are needed, just stop on by.
Issue with password resets = lots of confusion
There is a bug in the code at the heart of the web page that's making things all funky when you click the "Lost password" link. I would like to blame Glenn Kilburn´╗┐, alas I cannot. I have found the work around that will get you a new password to m2ab.org... 1) Click the forgot password link on the home page. 2) Enter your e-mail address in the form on the next page and click the Send Password button. 3) You will get an e-mail with a link in it. Click that link. It will take you to the same page you entered your e-mail into. DON'T FILL THIS OUT AGAIN!! DON'T CLICK ANY BUTTONS!! Go back to your e-mail. 4) In a few moments, you'll get another e-mail that contains your new password. This password will work. I would love to fix it, but I can only find people using the same software that have had the problem. I can't find a solution, but I have messed around to get this workaround tested. This close to Homecoming, I don't want to risk breaking the whole stupid site to try something drastic
Homecoming Game Day Schedule -OFFICIAL - FINAL
The tentative schedule for Saturday is official. No changes.

10:30 - Registration at the Old Alumni Center
11:30 - Pre-game tailgate and annual business meeting, also at the Old Alumni Center
1:00 - Additional registration time at the practice field
1:30 - Rehearsal
4:30 - Box lunches for supper
5:00 - March to the stadium
5:47 - The best pre-game show a bunch of us old people can execute!!!!
What Is This "Old Alumni Center" Of Which We Speak?
Apparently, it's been so long since they replaced The Shack and Michael's Deli with the Reynolds Alumni Center that the Old Alumni Center has become the Forgotten Alumni Center. So, if you don't remember the Reagan presidency, here's some help..
The Old Alumni Center is now officially called "1105 Carrie Francke Drive" by the powers that be. It's just west of University Hall and A.L. Gustin Golf Course at the intersection of Stadium Boulevard and Carrie Francke Drive.
Directions to the Old Alumni Center from Faurot Field...
  • Go west on Stadium Boulevard.
  • Turn left onto Carrie Francke Drive (first stoplight west of Providence Road).
  • Follow Carrie Francke Drive to the right into Lot RP-9.

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